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Kind and green.  How about that?

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A Bit of Background

Our model is simple: We take pre-loved toys, clean them up, and repackage them in small treat bags for Winnipeg kids in need. We deliver our bags to local non-profit organizations who work directly with families in need. From your hands to their hands, Makegooders is a donation pipeline like no other. Kind and green, how about that?

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Want to donate? Email us

We would love to take your old (small) toys and kids books off your hands and get them directly into the hands of kids who don't have them.  We would also be very grateful to accept new art supplies (stickers, note pads, paint, crayons, etc.).  


Want to volunteer? Email us

Come join us in sorting, cleaning, and packaging toys and art supplies for kids in need!

Want to receive Makegooders treat bags? Email us

Are you a representative of a non-profit in Winnipeg, Manitoba?  Get in touch so we can put together an order of Makegooders treat bags for the kids and families you serve in our community!


Safety First

Please note that small toys and parts may pose a choking hazard.  Toys with small parts included in Makegooders treat bags are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. 

We remove any recalled product from our donated stock. 

All toys are cleaned prior to packaging in one or more of the following ways:

Hard toys:

1. Wiped/ sprayed with Lysol, then wiped clean with water; or

2. Hand-washed with hot water, dish soap, and vinegar.  Air dried. 

Soft toys:

1. Washed and dried in home washing machine and dryer.

2. Soft toys that cannot be placed in the washing machine are sprayed with vinegar and air dried.



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