Our mission is simple: We take pre-loved toys, clean them up, and repackage them in small treat bags for Winnipeg kids in need.

We are Winnipeg's pipeline for preloved to reloved toys, supporting local non-profits and charities!

From your hands to their hands, Makegooders is a donation pipeline like no other.


Kind and green, how about that?

Are you a representative of a non-profit in Winnipeg, Manitoba? We'd love to put together an order of Makegooders treat bags for the kids and families you serve in our community!

Help us help children in need in the Winnipeg area. We can't thank you enough for your generous donations of pre-loved toys and treat bag items!

Would you prefer to contribute your time by volunteering for Makegooders? We can always use help preparing toys, gathering donations, and prepping treat bags.

Makegooders accepts pre-loved toys, books, and new art supplies to benefit children in need in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We distribute treat bags to local kids through non-profit charities. 

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